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Your password manager, on‑chain

Self-custody your passwords, backed by Ethereum & FileCoin.
Just connect your wallet: no gatekeepers, no credit card.

Web3 native

Connect your wallet and access your passwords on any device. That simple.

No gatekeepers

Nobody stands between you and your passwords. Not even us.


Your wallet has full custody of your passwords. No secrets leave your devices.


No account creation, no credit card, no master key to write down.

Built for Web3

Just connect your wallet.

You won't need to create an account, or give your credit card, or write down yet another master key.

If you're a Web3 degen like ourselves, Neulock Crypto is the dapp you've been waiting for. Your wallet has full custody of your passwords, and you can access them on any device where your Ethereum wallet is connected.

Leak-proof by design

Neulock Crypto is the Web3 version of revolutionary Neulock Password Manager.

Neulock's purpose is to keep passwords safe, even if decrypted user vaults were published on the front page of the New York Times.

With such strong security guarantees, Neulock Crypto is the only password manager that's confifdent enough to be on-chain.

Security comparison

Neulock Crypto builds on the security model of the original Neulock Password Manager, and adds the following benefits:

Here's how Neulock Crypto compares to your typical cloud password manager:

RiskNeulock CryptoCloud Password Managers
End-User Device CompromiseAt Risk All password managers are vulnerable if device security is compromisedAt Risk Idem
Server BreachSafe Neulock's Invisible Ink technology ensures that no passwords are stored neither on servers, nor on-chainAt Risk Passwords potentially compromised, depends on encryption effectiveness and master key strength
Subscription lock-outSafe No subscription; your passwords are always available by connecting your walletAt Risk You may be locked out due to credit card issues
Password manager company going out-of-businessSafe All data backed by 3+ FileCoin permanent IPFS storage contracts, indexed on-chain; full data self-custody possibleAt Risk Your data may be unretrievable if their cloud infrastructure goes offline
Master key bruteforce attackSafe 256-bit master key derived from wallet is impossible to bruteforceAt Risk Humans can create weak master keys
Encryption Algorithm ObsolescenceSafe Passwords not stored, thus not affectedAt Risk Stored passwords may become vulnerable
Master Key Recovery Mechanism ExploitedSafe Master key derived from wallet onlyAt Risk Recovery mechanisms can be a weak point
Quantum Computing AdvancesSafe Utilizes quantum-resistant algorithmsAt Risk May not be equipped with quantum-resistant measures

Still have security concerns? Talk to us! We're proud and happy to talk about Neulock & Neulock Crypto's security.

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